Sunday 25th of may.
Patricia, me and some friends went to the Olympic stadium "the Birdsnest".
There was an athletics event which gave us the chance to admire this amazing stadium.

Here we've just arrived, Patricia's posing:


Ofcourse I felt the need to do the same, better look at the beautiful stadium than at me:


This stadium will be used for the opening- and closing ceremony of the 2008 Olympic Games:


These ceremonies will be all in the good hands of Zhang Yimou, the producer of the famous Chinese movie
"Raise the Red Lantern", starring Li Gong. He also designed the astonishing "Lightshow" in Yangshuo.
Steven Spielberg has been in on the creating of the ceremonies as well but has left now.


The athletics events will take place here, as will the men's football final:


Details inside the stadium:


Christa & Patricia are already seated, Nina, Thomas and Alex are buying beer or smoking cigarettes or both:


A view on the track:


Christa's enjoying herself:


Well, Alex and Thomas seem to have a good time too:


The athletes are having a harder time it seems:


A view at the roof of the 91.000 spectator stadium:


One of the athletes in yet another attempt:


It was still way over 30° C, so these guys could use a beer I guess:


Another view on the inside of the stadium, this time by night:


One more view on the amazing architecture:


Time to leave, check out the Olympic swimming stadium, "the Watercube", that's the blue thing on the right:


One more close-up from the outside, this time nicely lit:


This picture gives a broader view:


Patricia & me in front of the Birdsnest:


A great overview of the entire stadium, in front of it a group of employees walking in military style:


The Watercube from up close.
I hope we will see our triple Olympic gold medal winner, double silver medal winner and
double bronze medal winner Pieter van den Hoogenband here in the finals:


From a bit further away:


Lights around the stadium:


The Watercube seen from far:


Also this stadium is, in my opinion, an amazing design; really beautiful and different:


And from up close, for the details:


We had a great time, the atmosphere in the stadium was really positive,
we could notice that the Chinese are looking forward to the Olympics.

Let the Games begin!