In February 2008 Patricia & I went to Harbin in the northern part of China.
Harbin is known for its snow- and ice-sculptures, every year there's another theme,
it won't surprise you that this years theme was the Olympic Games.
In the daytime the temperature was around -17° Celcius, in the night it was around -25°.

Here we have just arrived and are having lunch; fish-hotpot:


There was a dork that joined her, must be me:


In the afternoon we went to "Snowland", several artists from different countries had been carving actively:


You can tell by Patricia's clothes that it was cold, very cold:



See how big this sculpture is, totally made out of snow:




Speaking of big:


In front of this huge snow-building there was ice, people skated and even drove motorbikes on it:








After dinner we went to "Iceland", an enormous terrain full of buildings and statues carved out of ice, it's amazing:


I'm fictitiously skating in front of this "ice-cathedral":


The "snack-car":





The effect with the lights is reached by placing lights inside the ice:


What a romantic picture of the lovely Patricia:


More pretty lights:


Is this the "Red Light District?:


I guess this represents the Acropolis in Athens:


Patricia posing in front of it:



There was a huge tower:


Here a close-up detail from the same building:




Again the pretty icebear:


And once more:




Another Olympic symbol:


Ofcourse a part of the Forbidden City could not be lacking:


Despite the cold, especially at night it was bone-chilling, we had a great time.
It was awesome to witness such a beautiful site on such a great scale.

The next day we flew back to not so cold Beijing.