Karin & Peter are already for six years travelling by bicycle, they were our guests for a while, now they're gone again.
This is at the first day of the Games at the Holland Heineken House.


On augustus 21st, 2008 in the Holland Heineken House in Beijing the honouring of
Maarten van der Weijden, winner of the 10km swimming in open water, and of the girls
of our national waterpolo-team that unexpectedly and in a spectacular way became
Olympic champions, took place. I decided, toghether with my camera, to take a look.


The popular radioshow "Evers staat op" from radio 538 is being broadcasted daily from this spot during the Games.


On the inner coutyard of the Holland Heineken House, one finds several
tables to lean on while drinking beer and eating kroketten.


I went inside and found a spot on the second row from the stage.
Maarten van der Weijden would be the first to be honoured.


Humberto Tan was the host for the evening. I have a lot of respect and admiration
for the way he did this, very professional but still involved and sincere.


Before the golden medalwinner was brought on stage, his coach came on.
It is the famous former top swimmer Marcel Wouda.


Humberto gave him a trophy containing the number 1, because also a coach should get a medal.


Then the big man himself, Humberto bows respectfully, nice to see how his coach
remains at the side to let all the honor go to his pupil!


Humberto talks to Maarten and interviews him.


It all happened very amicable .


Special guest for a positive word was our crown-prince Willem-Alexander, he did it very well.


Willem-Alexander seems to be even more fanatic than Maarten himself.


It was emotional for him but he kept it dry.


I don't know how many people there were but the gigantic hall was full and everybody went crazy, what a party!


During this announcement partymusic was being played, everyone yelled and sang enthusiasticly.

Again first the coach, in this case Robin van Galen.


What an endearing man, also he received a trophy from Humberto.


Then it was up to the waterpolo-girls to enter the stage.


I can't say they were in a bad mood, the same applies for the audience.


Humberto at work.


A huge number 1 was put on stage.


Then the chairman of the NOC*NSF, Erica Terpstra came on stage
to talk to the girls, what a nice woman.


Also she had fitting and realistic remarks.


It all seems a summary of events but in the meantime the audience went insane with every announcement.
I think that an athlete will only here feel the magnitude of it's performance and achievement.


Also Marcel van der Weijden joined the waterpolo-women.


The waterpolo-girls all stage-dived into the audience afterwhich they were being "crowdsurfed" to the back .


I was so near the stage that I could take these pictures.


Another Flying Dutch-woman.


They came back in polonaise, the audience went crazy.


Then it was time to go home, looking back one more time and take a pic from the Holland Heineken House.
What an experience, what a party, it was totally insane and it was totally awesome!