On the 27th of febuary we travelled from Beijing to Shanghai to try to get married.
We think this is a nice date: 28-02-2008
We stayed at the Old House Inn and met up with Dennis & Emmy, two friends of ours.


Dennis & Emmy ordered a bowl with test-tubes (reageerbuisjes) filled with some liquor:


We had a nice dinner together 0n the first evening.
The second day (febuary 28) we met in the morning to go to the marriage office.

Dennis & Emmy came to our hotel where we just finished breakfast:


Emmy was going to be our photographer for the day. Once outside she felt the need to take a picture from me:


So we left our hotel:


And took a taxi:


Patricia had already arranged some papers in Germany, I had done the same in Holland.
In China we had to arrange lots of other papers and had our homeland papers translated and legalized.
Still it was quite uncertain if we possessed all the required documents.
We just had to go to the marriage office and see.


So here we are, the guy is checking the papers:


Again it seemed, something was not right, he had to consult with his superiors, all we could do was wait:


Nervously we wait until a decision has been made:


Patricia called our Chinese contactperson to see if she could arrange something:


It turned out they were not satisfied with one little word missing in one little line in my papers.
We had to go to the Dutch consulate to obtain a new document.
Luckily they were open and after waiting for an hour we had it.
After that we had to get it translated and legalized.

Here we are on the way back to the marriage office:


They had agreed to stay open longer so we could still marry the same day...that is: if the papers were right this time...


In the meantime, by lack of real wedding-activities, Emmy found something to photograph.
Check out the funny passport-photo of the couple the marriage-office demands:


Then it was time for the final check, would it be ok now?

See how tense we look:


YES! We were ordered to move to another desk so the procedure could start:


We had to fill out a form:


We had to pay 9 yuan, (about 90 Eurocent) for the wedding-registration, this is the receipt:


Patricia signs the wedding-contract:


Since I was there anyways, I did the same:


Patricia receives her wedding-certificate:


There was one for me too:


Then it was time for our first kiss as a married couple, check out the happy marriage-office-woman:


We had to check the data in the certificates:


Which look like this:


Then it was time to give eachother the rings we had bought at a Tibetan shop:


Then happiness, the tears are not visible in the picture, but they were there:


And ofcourse more kisses:


There was a ring for me too :


And ofcourse more kisses:


We can hardly believe it all worked out in the end, barely, but it did, and the eyes are still wet:


The proud owners of marriage certificates, which look like red Mao books:


Finally we could leave the office where we spent so much time:


The happy couple in black & white:


Emmy thought it would be nice to take a picture in front of a typical Chinese door:


And ofcourse we had to kiss again, is it driving you crazy already?:


If not, it looks nice in black & white too:


We made a reservation for that evening in a Nepali resaurant, then we walked back to the hotel:


Still walking:


The rings:


I had to practise to carry Patricia over the threshold, which I by the way forgot to do later:


And yes, we had fun:


Ok, some serious posing:


We took some rest in our hotelroom and met up with Emmy & Dennis again that evening to go to the restaurant.

Here we have just arrived at the restaurant, we took a drink, checked the rings again and waited for the rest of the guests to arrive:


Guang Xing and Amy were the first ones to arrive:


Then also Manja & Sonja arrived:


We don't know many people in Shanghai, so it was just a group of eight, but as you can see we were still happy:


Patricia looks happy; pregnant and just married:


We have mentioned Dennis & Emmy so often, finally, here they are:


As you can see, Patricia's belly is showing:


Emmy kept on taking pics:


This is the entire group, it's small but we had lots of fun, it was truly a fantastic evening:


The food was great, ofcourse a dessert could not be avoided:


We're in China, so celebration should be accompanied by fireworks:


Even in black & white it looks nice:


A wonderful end of an amazing day:


Although we missed our families and friends from home and our friends from Beijing and other places in the world, we still had a great day.

Soon we'll celebrate in Beijing with our friends there.

Hopefully we can visit Europe in the summer of 2009 and celebrate with our families and friends.

We want to thank everybody that congratulated us with so many sweet words and gestures.

See you all soon, stay healthy, be careful, enjoy life and receive all the best from:


Arie & Patricia de Bruijn