Tuesday august 19th, 2008.

Tonight Argentina and Brazil would play against each other in the football semi-final of the Olympic Games
in Beijing, the game would take place in the Worker's Stadium. This stadium lies a stone's throw from my
house - this would be an Olympic stone's throw because it's actually about two kilometers. The American Ralf,
the Australian Michael and I decided to walk to the stadium and try to obtain tickets for this match.
During the walk many people offered tickets but the prices were between € 100 and € 150, too expensive.

At a certain moment a guy approached me, he had exactly three tickets for sale, what a coincidence! and
he was asking € 45 per ticket. That was a very reasonable price because officially these tickets were € 30, so we bought them.

We were so happy, we had tickets for the battle between Ronaldinho (Brazil) and Messi (Argentina). Unbelievable!
When does one get a chance to see these two superstars play against each other?
The fact that Riquelme played as well was a bonus.
Ralf proudly shows the tickets.


This is a ticket from up close, we did it... YES!!!

The next step was to get into the stadium. Who knows - maybe the tickets were fake ones.
But there wasn't any problem, they let us in, now let the game begin.


Ten minutes before the start of the match.


The players enter the field.


The national anthems are being played.


Ralf and Michael with beers. I don't know the names of the other people behind them.


Ronaldinho on the big screen during the Brazilian national anthem.


The match starts.


Ronaldinho with the ball.


The stadium was almost full - how lucky we were to get tickets.


All the supporters were very enthusiastic.


One more beer?


These guys wouldn't see anything of the game, since they were sitting with their backs to the field the entire time.
They were round the entire field - probably security people.


Riquelme scores the penalty kick that made the score 3 - 0.


Ronaldinho and Messi fight for the ball.


The game has finished... Argentina humiliated Brazil: 3 - 0.
The former Barcelona team-mates Ronaldinho and Messi hug at midfield.


Ronaldinho leaves the field disappointed, as he could not give Brazil the only
title they have never won; the Olympic football gold medal.


The final score: Argentina - Brazil 3 - 0.


Michael with a very happy Argentinian fan.


The same guy seen from the back.


Here he's together with his ecstatic friend.

Afterwards, we went for beers with people from many different nations.
We had a great evening - it was totally amazing.

It turns out that it's not bad to be in Beijing during the Olympics.

One last remark: it's "football" not "soccer", who calls it soccer is a a sucker...